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Your neighbor tells you he’s had 2 sets of hearing aids free from the VA and neither pair of worked. Or, your cousin’s friend’s dad tried them once and he didn’t like them so they ended in the drawer. 

You hear these stories and it’s enough to make you hesitate about even considering hearing aids. 

That’s really too bad. Because I know with absolute certainty that you can experience success with hearing aids. 

Over the better part of the decade, I’ve been helping people with hearing loss improve their hearing and communication. Their lives change significantly for the better. Improving your hearing is LIFE CHANGING.

But you’ve got to have a comprehensive, whole-person approach. And when you’ve got that down, you will experience success with hearing aids. 

Today, I’ll be talking about the 5 things you must do to ensure that this happens for you. 

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Video outline: 

1. Consider the expertise of your provider

  • What are their credentials? Do they specialize in hearing aids and hearing treatment? Do they have a strong understanding of the auditory system and hearing technology? Also, do you feel comfortable with them?

2. If you already have a hearing aid, be sure to keep your follow-up appointments.

3. Keep your hearing aids clean.

  • Ears are living breathing things!
  • Consider the environment – humidity, dust

4. Monitor your hearing annually.

  • If there are changes, you want to be sure to update the programming on the aids so that you are hearing as well as possible.

5. Make sure you are part of a continuing care plan.

As always, thank you so much for your allowing me to share my message!

I strive to share information that allows you to continue to have success with your hearing aids and hearing journey!

With so much gratitude and to your better hearing,

Dr. Janice Powis

P.S. If you know someone who has been struggling with hearing aid issues, help them out and share this video with them! You never know, it just might be the thing that gets them back into the swing of better hearing. 🙂