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Why Doctor Powis & Clear Path™ Is Right For You

Top Rated Audiologist and Hearing Loss Center in Quincy, MA and South Shore Boston.

When it comes to choosing a Metro Boston audiologist and a hearing loss treatment plan for yourself or a loved one, there are many factors to consider.  Below are a few questions to consider before choosing an audiologist and getting started with hearing aids.

Does the audiologist have experience?

Dr. Powis has over 7 years of experience, with her doctorate in audiology from The University of Memphis (many hearing specialists do not have doctoral level training).  She is board certified and a fellow of both the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) and the American Academy of Audiology (AAA). Dr. Powis is also a member of the Massachusetts Academy of Audiology and is involved with many professional affiliations.

Does the audiologist have a philosophy of hearing healthcare?

What are the elements the doctor looks for in designing the treatment plan? (Also see Dr. Powis’ Clear Path™ Plan)

Does the audiologist offer a variety of products and styles from hearing aid manufacturers to choose from?

Dr. Powis fits all styles from the major hearing aid manufacturers including Resound, Starkey, Unitron, Phonak, Widex, and Oticon – giving you the most options to choose from that offer a personalized hearing loss solution for you.

In addition to traditional hearing aids, Dr. Powis is the only audiologist to offer Lyric™ on Boston’s South Shore in Quincy, MA.

The Lyric™ is the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid. As the smallest hearing device on the market today, Lyric’s miniature design allows it to be comfortably placed deeper in the ear canal. The deeper placement makes the Lyric completely unseen and invisible.

Dr. Powis, our top-rated audiologist in Quincy, MA and on Boston’s South Shore is able to determine the best course of action for your treatment program based on your unique listening challenges.

Can you show me what my hearing looks like before I make a decision on hearing loss treatment or hearing aids?

Dr. Janice Powis will perform a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation to accurately diagnose and treat your hearing loss. You will be provided with your audiogram test results for review with Dr. Powis, as well as to keep for your personal records. Dr. Powis will make sure she has addressed all your questions and concerns before moving forward with a treatment plan.


Do I have to go to different offices and see different team members for different stages of my hearing loss care?

With Dr. Powis and the Clear Path™ Continuing Care Plan, you’ll consistently see the same audiology team members and have access to the latest innovations and technology without having to drive into the city to get it!  Our audiology offices are conveniently located in Quincy, MA on Boston’s South Shore.



At Quincy Hearing Aid of Quincy, MA, we want to ensure you are confident with your decision for not only your choice in hearing loss treatment, but also for the audiology office in Metro Boston you choose to start your or your loved one’s hearing healthcare. To ensure you are completely confident in your decision, we offer a few no-obligation, no-pressure ways to get started!

1. Find out what the most important aspects are in choosing the right audiologist in Metro Boston, or the South Shore for you or your loved one by reading our free report, What to expect during your hearing consultation.

2. Click here to fill out the form to receive your complimentary $500 Clear Path™ Savings Certificate.

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Learn more about all your options for hearing loss treatment and hearing aids from one of Metro Boston’s top audiologists and hearing aid specialists, Dr. Powis.

Why Dr. Powis and The Clear Path™ Program is right for you.

You will be fit with cutting-edge technology which allows us to ensure your success when paired with one our Clear Path™ Continuing Care Plans.

The Clear Path™ Guarantee

Dr. Powis stands behind her hearing loss treatment and only works with top manufacturers.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with no risk to you.