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Hello and Happy New Year!

Phil and I just returned from our holiday in the warm embrace of Florida to the Arctic blast encasing New England. {{{Brrrr}}}…. but somehow our neighbors just don’t feel sorry for us. 😉

But in all honesty, we’re happy to be in our home. We’ll soon be getting ready for our annual New Year tradition. But for us, it isn’t about champagne glasses clinking and hurrahs at the stroke of midnight.

This is how we say goodbye to the past year and prepare for the upcoming year…

Each year we pick a place like Vermont or New Hampshire to get away and have a weekend of reflection. Even though our home is in a pretty quiet place, we really want to be free from distractions. No technology, no visitors, just us and our notebooks and pens. Post-It notes for our reflection & goal-setting. We look back on our accomplishments of the previous year and set goals for the new year. For ourselves personally and for our business.

We celebrate, reminisce and plan for a successful new year.

I’ve started to reflect on all the things to celebrate of 2017. And I’m so grateful for you and all my patients. The practice has grown so much in the four years since we took ownership. And that tells me I’m getting to do more and more of what I love. And that’s helping people improve their hearing.

And looking back on 2017 has helped me see all the ways in which I’ve stayed current with the research and technology. So I can offer my patients the very best care possible.

For 2017 Phil and I set some goals for our health!

We really wanted to develop healthy eating habits – not “dieting”. But eating more wholesome food and way less processed foods. More veggies, more fruit and more protein. Lots of organic stuff! And we are feeling really pretty great! Plus we turned our sporadic yoga & meditation practice into a regular one. And now these goals we set are habits!

Phil and I also have a celebration for 2017 that combines personal with professional.

We went to a retreat with other business folks. And it was so cool to meet other people who feel the same way about running their business as we do. We all want our dreams to unfold. But we all want our clients and patients to reach their goals. We want a win-win. It was just so inspiring to be around so many heart-centered entrepreneurs that were of a similar mind.

Wow! I haven’t even shared 2018 goals yet. I’ll save that for next week. And believe me, one goal has me shaking in my boots! Ski boots that is… (hint, hint).

Here’s to the celebrations of 2017 as we ring in 2018!



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