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You’ve just got your new hearing aids and life has been so amazing now that you are saying “what?” far less. Your spouse is happier, your kids are happier. Or, you’ve been wearing hearing aids for a while and have been humming right along with them until….

….they stop working. The timing is terrible, too, isn’t it? You’ve got that important meeting tomorrow or are going on vacation with your family and you need them working again STAT.

Don’t fear! There are definitely things you can troubleshoot at home to get them going again. I’ll be talking about those in today’s episode of Quincy Hearing TV. And of course, if you’ve tried them all and you still need help, call to schedule an appointment and we’ll get it figured out!

Dead Hearing Aids? 4 Troubleshooting Tips You Can Try at Home

  1. Check the battery.
    • Does it need to be replaced?
    • If it is brand new, are you putting it in upside down? If not aligned correctly, aids won’t work
    • If it is brand new, are the batteries the correct size?
    • Also, did you peel the sticker off?
  2. Replace your wax filters (this may not apply to you. It depends on the style)
    • Replace the filter; it may be clogged
  3. Dry the hearing aids out
    • Moisture can cause long-term, permanent damage
    • A trick to use: dried rice grains in a tupperware (IMPORTANT; watch video for details!)
  4. No wax filters? Check the tubing
    • If it’s a BTE, check the tubing
      • You are checking for suppleness of the tubing
      • If the tubing is stiff or has condensation inside, your aids won’t work

If you have tried all these things and your aid still doesn’t work, call your audiologist!

And remember, if you are part of a continuing care plan with  your audiologist and follow your preventative maintenance schedule, you are far less likely to have problems.

As always, thank you so much for allowing me to share this video with you! I strive to share information that allows you to continue to have success with your hearing aids and hearing journey!

With so much gratitude and to your better hearing,


Dr. Janice Powis


P.S If you know someone who has been struggling with hearing aid issues, help them out and share this video with them!  You never know, it just might be the thing that gets them back into the swing of better hearing 🙂