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At Quincy Hearing, we have a strong set of beliefs about what it takes for our patients to have GREAT results with their hearing aids.

We call these the 10 Commandments of Hearing Success…

In this video I’ll go over belief #4.

The Fourth Commandment of Hearing Success:


Our brain interprets all of our senses, including our hearing. It needs both ears in order to get all of the information needed so you know if you hear a dog barking or if someone says “hit” instead of “sit”.

When you understand that you hear with your brain, you then can understand how to do better when you try hearing devices. Many times people give up too soon.

In our free Clear Path to Hearing Success group, I go over these types of things all the time…as a matter of fact, I did a video in there the other day about this very topic.

In any case…if you would like to get the checklist of the other 9 Commandments to Hearing Success, you can get that right here: