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Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids and Hearing loss by Patients Like YOU

When should I visit an audiologist on the South Shore?

Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends that you have at least one baseline hearing test in your adult life, and especially if you are over the age of 65. The American Speech, Language, & Hearing Association states that adults should be screened at least every decade through age 50 and at 3-year intervals thereafter. If you are like most adults, you may have had your last hearing test in grade school.  If you are experiencing any signs of hearing loss such as trouble hearing on the phone, difficulty understanding speech in a restaurant, frequently asking people to repeat themselves then you should absolutely visit an audiologist for a hearing test. Dr. Powis will provide you with an audiogram. She will plot your test results on the audiogram and these results will be reviewed by you.  If your audiogram demonstrates that you have hearing loss, Dr. Powis may recommend further testing.

Can I put off hearing aids and hearing loss treatment?

Putting off hearing aids and hearing loss treatment when necessary can lead to increased risk of things like dementia, depression, and decreased cognition.  Research has proven time and time again that those individuals that are proactive about their hearing healthcare age with more grace. Timely hearing loss treatment is most effective for achieving the best results.

Will hearing aids limit my activity pursuits and lifestyle?

There are a variety of types of hearing aids. Dr. Powis will look at the best options with you and determine which types of hearing aids fit your lifestyle: removable digital devices or 24/7 wearables that are unseen and invisible.  The fact of the matter is that treating your hearing loss will IMPROVE your lifestyle.  Hearing allows us to live a fuller, more vibrant and active lifestyle and to not miss out on the moments that matter.

Will people be able to see that I’m wearing hearing aids?

Many of our patients wear their hearing aids with pride and tout the benefits of better communication in relationships, ease in communication, sense of control over life events, and even better physical health!  You can hear a few of them speak about it here

Dr. Janice Powis is the only audiologist on Boston’s South Shore and in Quincy to offer Lyric™ .

Lyric is the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid. As the smallest hearing device on the market today, Lyric’s miniature design allows it to be comfortably placed deeper in the ear canal. The deeper placement makes the Lyric completely unseen and invisible. In short, Dr. Powis doesn’t limit you to only one type of hearing aid. She educates you and helps you choose the best type of hearing aids for you.


At Quincy Hearing Aid of Quincy, MA, we want to ensure you are confident with your decision for not only your choice in hearing loss treatment, but also for the audiology office in Metro Boston you choose to start your or your loved one’s hearing healthcare. To ensure you are completely confident in your decision, we offer a few no-obligation, no-pressure ways to get started!

1. Find out what the most important aspects are in choosing the right audiologist in Metro Boston, or the South Shore for you or your loved one by reading our free report, What do expect during your hearing consultation.

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Learn more about all your options for hearing loss treatment and hearing aids from one of Metro Boston’s top audiologists and hearing aid specialists, Dr. Powis.

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