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Hearing loss is often funny when it first starts to show up.

You’ll be cooking seafood with your spouse, they’ll hear “kiss” not “fish,” and you’ll end up with a peck on your cheek instead of a salmon filet. But from then on it only gets worse. The volume on the TV goes from amusingly loud to blaringly overwhelming. The funny miscommunications stop getting a chuckle, and then they get downright annoying. Eventually they happen so often that it feels like you’re not being listened to.

By the time you realize that the problem might actually be hearing loss not neglect you’ve already begun lashing out at them begging them to hear you. Even knowing that it’s because of their ears often doesn’t help. It feels impossible to overcome that feeling that you’re being ignored.

Meanwhile, your loved one is silently suffering from a condition they refuse to acknowledge.

Communication was hard enough before. Now it becomes a maddening discouraging chore. Over months and years they change. They withdraw into themselves their vibrant personality is dampened by the fact that they can no longer hear your voice or the world around them. They cannot admit to themselves that hearing loss is the cause, because that prospect scares them. So they simply do nothing, and the problem gets worse. And worse.

Now let me give both of you some tough love: It isn’t fair for your loved one to leave the burden of their unchecked hearing loss on your shoulders. It is not just to them for you to let them collapse into themselves under the weight of their worsening condition, even if they resist treatment. It isn’t right to leave the most basic aspect of your relationship — your ability to communicate — up to the whims of a degenerative condition.

The fact is, hearing loss doesn’t only affect the person who cannot hear.

It affects everyone who cares about them too. Whether you’re the one denying the fact of your hearing loss or you’re a person who loves someone struggling with the condition, you owe it to yourself and the people you care about to get into the office and get it treated.

Hearing loss can be scary. It can destroy your life, shatter your relationships, and make you more lonely than you could ever imagine.

But by facing it head on together with the people you care about most, it’s actually pretty easy to overcome. It can go from an overwhelming unstoppable issue to a manageable inconvenience, after just a few hours working with a trained audiologist.

Don’t give in to fear. If you or your loved one are ready to take control of hearing loss and restore your life together to what it once was, give me a call at 617-934-8155 or schedule an appointment online today!