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“I’m only here because my wife wanted me to come.”

It’s a familiar line in any audiologist’s office. People are always resistant to admit their struggle with hearing loss and even more reluctant to seek help.

And honestly, when a new patient said this very statement to me just a few months back, I was pretty sure he’d be one of the minority that leaves without ever accepting real treatment.

He himself didn’t notice much of a problem — he wasn’t estranged from the people around him. He could go about his days okay, and he felt reasonably socially engaged.

He mentioned that he was an avid record collector with a passion for bluegrass and classical music. But he hadn’t noticed much of a problem in that regard. He was clearly uncomfortable with being in the office. He didn’t much want to be there, and he certainly didn’t think I could help him.

But after he underwent the initial hearing test, I discovered that he did indeed have a treatable degree of hearing loss.

I suggested we do a “test drive” of some advanced hearing aids I had in the office. He was hesitant, but maybe because he was curious what the results would be. Or maybe just because he was eager to keep his wife happy, he accepted.

When he came back in for his second appointment, he was absolutely glowing.

He told me that not only could he hear his wife much more clearly, but that he could really, truly hear his records again, for the first time in years.

He hadn’t even realized how buried the intricate textures of his favorite albums had become across years of degeneration. But now they were crystal clear. It was like he was listening to songs he’d known for decades with fresh ears.

The difference in his personality between our first appointment to our second was like night and day. Where before he was reserved, now he was free and conversational. We had a lovely discussion about all kinds of subjects.

He told me that aside from being one of his greatest passions, music was a way to bond with his autistic daughter. That it calmed her down and had become a vital shared interest between them. It was moving to hear about all the ways that music animated his life.

And how his new hearing aids had helped him reconnect to that essential piece of his personality.

Everyone has a different reason for seeking treatment for their hearing loss. Some folks miss being able to have a regular conversation with their grandson. Others miss the hearing birdsong on their long walks around the neighborhood. Still others miss luxuriating in the complex textures of music.

Whatever your reason, there’s no need to let silence take over your life. Give me a call at 617-934-6987 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!


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