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Long-term hearing treatment success is not something many people think about. Most new patients I see have their eye out for a quick-fix solution. A silver bullet that will instantly solve all their problems.

Honestly, I don’t blame them. The big-box marketing behind hearing aids and the fact that they’re digital devices. Like the machines we interact with on a daily basis. Leads folks to assume that they’re a product you can purchase like any other and expect instant results.

But though you can expect to reap meaningful benefits from properly calibrated hearing aids pretty much right away. It takes upkeep and guidance to get the most out of them. And to avoid giving up on them before they’ve really begun to transform your life.

Whenever a patient asks me why they need to come in for a follow-up visit. Or why they need to work with an audiologist at all.

I explain to them that long-term hearing treatment is a little like maintaining a car.

You wouldn’t buy a new vehicle and expect to drive it safely forever without ever taking it into the mechanic. Or performing maintenance on it yourself.

You’ve got to regularly change the oil, rotate the tires, check the alignment, check the brakes… the list goes on and on. And unless you’re a genuine gearhead, you’ll still need to take it into the mechanic for repairs every once in awhile.

The same goes for hearing aids.

Now you won’t have to “change the oil” on your hearing aids every 10,000 hours. But you will need to partner with an expert to ensure it’s working at peak potential.

Hearing aids are incredibly delicate machines, with ridiculously complex processes constantly firing just beneath the surface.

As a result, proper calibration requires extensive expertise and a firm understanding of not only the devices themselves. But the way the entire human auditory system works.

This is the principle reason why to truly maximize the benefit you get from your devices, you need to partner with an empathetic, experienced audiologist who is sincerely interested in guiding yo-teu to longrm hearing success.

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