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At Quincy Hearing, we always see a steep uptick in new patients right around Christmas time.

As families get together, errands pile up and holiday parties abound, many who suffer from hearing loss are left out in the cold. The social celebrations that form the heart of the holiday season for most people, can be a gauntlet of isolation and depression for those with hearing loss.

“I’m not myself.”

That’s what new patients often tell me. Stuck in the middle of a crowded room. They’re unable to communicate with their loved ones.

They’re afraid that the people they care about are frustrated with them or that they think my patient isn’t listening.

From Halloween to Christmas, it’s just social engagement after social engagement. And each one leaves them feeling more alone than the last.

Human beings are wired for connection.

Since before we began building this thing we call civilization, we were already gathering together and communicating primitively to stand against the elements.

So it’s not an exaggeration to say that we need communication to survive. It’s easy to forget that fact when your hearing works perfectly well. But when you suffer from persistent hearing loss, the lack of connection can lead us to dark lonely places.

As your gathering around the fire this holiday season, spare a thought for the people in your life that struggle with hearing loss.

Whether they know it or not. They could use your aid and understanding. And if you are one of the folks who dread the holiday season year after year due to your poor hearing, seek out the loved ones and professionals who can help.

Hearing loss is a challenge millions of us face during our lifetimes.

But it doesn’t have to ruin the holidays. Give me a call at 617-934-6987 today, and give yourself the greatest gift of all!