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Dear Neighbor,

My name is Dr. Janice Powis, I’m a doctor of Audiology and my office, “Quincy Hearing” is likely to be only a few minutes away from you in Quincy Center on Boston’s South Shore if you are reading this.

I’m pleased to tell you that many of your neighbors have been relying on our practice for hearing healthcare and device technology for quite some time. (The practice has been here for about 45 years).


Reason #1: Hearing allows us to engage in the world of sound around us. It offers us comfort (the soothing sound of a mother’s lullaby) and protection (a fire alarm for instance).

Reason #2: Hearing allows us to live a fuller, more vibrant and active lifestyle. Don’t miss out on conversation with your loved one at your favorite family restaurant. Hear the sounds of music with the full and rich textures they are meant to be experienced with.

Reason #3: Research has proven time and time again that those individuals that are proactive about their hearing healthcare age with more grace and have a reduced risk of lots of scary situations like dementia, depression, and decreased cognition.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to never put off a hearing test and treatment is simply this: We “hear” with our brain, not with our ears. When we have a hearing loss, the connections in the brain that respond to sound become weakened.

There are also many other wonderful benefits to moving forward with hearing loss treatment such as better communication in relationships, ease in communication, sense of control over life events, and even better physical health!

Depending on your situation you will likely be asked to complete some basic forms. You will be asked about your hearing history to understand any medical issues that could be affecting your health. A communication assessment may be used to determine when and where you are experiencing difficulty. Your ears will be examined in a way that is neither invasive nor uncomfortable. You will then have your hearing tested in a sound booth after which your results will be reviewed with you. Its easy and 100% private and comfortable!

Our office looks and “feels” very much like a doctor’s office. And, incidentally, every licensed Audiologist has at least 4 years of doctoral level education and training and is very knowledgeable about anatomy and the auditory system. In addition, I have been in the private practice setting for many years now and have provided successful outcomes to hundreds of people that have struggled greatly with hearing loss before deciding to take action.

I am a professional. Your experience at Quincy Hearing will be professional in every way. Our patients also often report it to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Many primary care and ENT doctors refer patients to me for their hearing loss treatment (And we accept insurance assignment in most of these cases).


To introduce you to the many benefits of hearing loss treatment, I invite you to come in for a quick consultation.

Hearing Loss is something you shouldn’t ignore. Muffling of speech and other sounds, difficulty understand words, trouble hearing consonants, and frequently asking others to speak more slowly or loudly — these are “warning signs” from your body and mind to you. Your mind is warning you that is in need of some help and not getting what it needs. Hearing loss treatment is a benefit-laden approach. Try it! And there are other surprisingly simple things you can do for yourself, at home to ensure you are hearing your best – all things we can tell you about during your consultation.


Dr. Janice Powis, Audiologist – A.u.D.

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PS: Men and women of all ages in many cases can benefit from hearing loss treatment.   When you come in for your free consultation, we’ll discuss your particular health history, lifestyle circumstances, work, ETC, and I’ll be able to tell you more about how our services can specifically benefit you.