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Audiology has been a deeply rewarding career, a constant stream of opportunities for connection and positive impact for the patients I serve.

Today, I love my work so much that it would be difficult to imagine doing anything else at all. But though you wouldn’t know it, I didn’t always dream of being an audiologist. It was a long winding road to end up where I am today.

A journey for which I’m grateful for every step.

As a little kid, I like many Filipina children wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. Even then I knew I wanted to help people. And the prestigious field of medicine seemed the most obvious choice.

But when I went to college, I landed a job working at a news station. I began to wonder at other possibilities for my future career. I switched my major from pre-med to broadcasting and mass communications.

And forged full steam ahead into what I imagined would be a fulfilling, fascinating way to engage with the world at large.

But as I continued my studies, I began to learn just what it would take to work in the broadcasting industry. The long hours, the cutthroat competition and decided it wasn’t for me. So again, I shifted my major, this time to public relations.

After I graduated with a PR degree, I went to work at an agency and found myself frustrated again. The work just wasn’t for me. Disheartened, I returned to my original path, and started researching healthcare professions. When I came across the audiology field, my interest was piqued.

Human communication has always been at the heart of my passions. Helping others to reconnect with the people in their lives through hearing treatment seemed a perfect fit.

The choice was solidified when I shadowed a local audiologist. I was fortunate enough to witness firsthand the tremendous effect that restored hearing can have on patients.

A women came in for a follow-up visit, visibly overwhelmed with emotion. When he asked her how she had been doing, she was moved nearly to tears. “Oh my gosh,” she said to the audiologist, “I’ve gotten my life back!”

Right then and there, I decided to commit to a doctoral degree in audiology.

And as I learned more and then later got to work with patients directly, I realized how fantastic it really is. Every day, I get to help people rediscover one of the most important mechanisms for engaging with the world. To guide them back into connection with their loved ones.

Audiology may not have been my childhood dream. But I’m so grateful that I found out about this field and stuck with it.

It’s a true privilege to sit with my patients, listen to their struggles and leverage my expertise to make a real difference in their lives.

If you’re looking to connect with me and learn how audiology can transform your own life, please give me a call at 617-934-6987. I’d love to hear from you!


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