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It’s true. I said it. Hearing aids aren’t for everybody! It’s something you probably won’t hear from many audiologists, but it’s true.

Of course, the vast majority of folks struggling with hearing loss will find tremendous, life-changing benefits from hearing aids. But not everyone struggling to communicate actually suffers from clinical hearing loss.

Not to mention the folks with a medically treatable diagnosis, who can undergo a procedure and eliminate the problem at the root.

This doesn’t mean that you should skip seeing an audiologist.

In fact, this is why it’s absolutely essential that anyone with even a sliver of hearing-related communication difficulty seeks an appointment with a medical expert trained in diagnostic audiology.

A hearing technician may be a compassionate person. But they simply won’t have the thousands of hours of education and training needed to determine what’s going on at the deepest level.

Not only will they be unable to deliver the robust results you need to maximize the impact of your devices. But they might even overlook some deeper medical problem that needs to be addressed.

That’s not just non-ideal; It’s downright dangerous!

People always worry that someone like me will do everything they can to railroad them into getting the most expensive hearing aids on the market.

But the truth is, any hearing professional worth their salt will tell you in no uncertain terms whether or not they can help you. They will listen to your concerns and pinpoint the best paths forward for your specific needs.

Sometimes though, there are patients that pass the hearing exam with flying colors. Show no signs of a medical problem and still struggle to communicate in their daily lives.

To come into my office and discover that no, I can’t help them. And likely a doctor cannot either, can be a deeply painful realization.

That’s why for these patients, I’m working to develop a process by which I can figure out what’s really going on and help guide them toward better communication strategies.

It’s still early days.

But by the time I’m done, I hope to have some genuine answers for these folks who are suffering just as much as the patients I see with clinical hearing loss.

Regardless of your particular situation, I always recommend starting with a hearing test administered by a trained audiology professional.

To schedule your first step, give me a call at 617-934-6987 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

We may find out that hearing aids aren’t the best path forward for you, but it’s vital to rule everything else out first!


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