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If you’ve been in the Quincy Hearing office lately and noticed an extra spring in my step, there’s one simple reason for that: I just got back from my husband Phil’s and my second annual audiology practice owners mastermind retreat in Costa Rica!

Most of my patients simply know me as their friendly neighborhood audiologist, but what they probably don’t realize is that outside of the clinic, I strive to be a leader for the entire audiology field. Phil and I work to empower other audiology practice owners from across the country to recharge, collaborate, and reach their patients in meaningful, fresh new ways.

We hold the five-day event in Costa Rica, at a secluded wellness retreat space called Puerta a la Vida. On paper, it probably sounds like any number of industry conferences you hear about, but dig a little deeper and you find it’s anything but.

For one thing, Puerta a la Vida is quite a bit more adventurous than your typical “resort.” Everyone sleeps in yurts surrounded by the lush jungle, awoken by the otherworldly screams of howler monkeys calling to one another high up in the trees. The location was established by our friend Edward Zaydelman as a holistic environment in which to heal his mother’s cancer, and that healing energy courses through the entire place.

Instead of packing the days with long-winded speeches and networking socials, much of the time is spent getting back to basics of self-care in guided meditation and yoga. It’s much more collaborative than the average conference, as everyone pools their collective wisdom to find solutions to generate a genuine, positive impact on our changing industry.

It’s all centered around the idea that if you can’t be good to yourself as a medical provider, you certainly can’t do any good for the patients you serve. It’s an incredible experience that builds tight bonds between our peers in the audiology field, sparking a deep sense of community and common purpose in both the attendees and Phil and I.

Last year, I was a little caught up running our first big event to really relax, but this year, I was able to settle into my role as a leader and let go of the performance anxiety. To say it was transformative would be an understatement. Frankly, I’m proud to be part of such a tight-knit community of medical providers dedicated to serving their patients at the highest possible level.

Phil and I are already implementing what we learned from the event into our lives and practice, and counting the days until next year’s retreat. Honestly, I’ve been buzzing ever since. It feels amazing to be a driving voice for change within the audiology field, adapting our strategies to change more lives than ever before.


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