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One of the most difficult things about hearing loss is that it can be nearly unnoticeable — to the people suffering with hearing loss, that is. To everyone around them, it’s usually glaringly, annoyingly obvious.

Hearing loss is sensorineural in about 90 percent of cases. Due to genetics, long-term noise exposure, or the extended use of ototoxic medications like chemotherapy or certain antibiotics, hearing begins to gradually fail. This process occurs incrementally, over the years and decades. Since it happens so slowly, it can be almost impossible to notice on your own. After all, when you mishear something someone said, there’s no filter in your brain that tells you “Wait—that’s not what they said!”, you simply misinterpret the conversation without even realizing it.

This is one reason why so many folks with hearing loss aggressively resist treatment: they don’t even know there’s a problem!

This is also why it’s so important that when you do finally decide to come into the office for hearing treatment, you bring a friend or loved one along. It’s almost impossible to observe your own hearing loss objectively, but with an outside perspective on the situation, your audiologist can gain a ton of insight as to the specific communication obstacles you’re facing, and tailor your treatment accordingly.

Not only that, but your friend can be another set of ears during the appointment—no pun intended. If you work with any audiologist worth their salt, they’ll be giving you an extremely thorough consult, full of important information you can use to better your life. It’s invaluable to have another person by your side for this process, to catch the things you miss and keep you accountable to your treatment goals.

If you’re ready to address the creeping issue of hearing loss in your life (or if you have a loved one who’s hounding you about coming in) don’t hesitate; give me a call at 617-934-6987 or click the link below to schedule your complimentary consultation. And when you come in, make sure to bring someone along—it really makes a world of difference!



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