You are Here Because…

You are interested in learning about hearing aids for yourself

You are interested in learning about hearing aids for yourself

You are interested in learning about hearing aids for a loved one.

You are interested in learning about hearing aids for a loved one.

You are interested in a second opinion on hearing loss treatment

You are interested in a second opinion on hearing loss treatment

You were referred to Dr. Powis by someone you know or your physician

You were referred to Dr. Powis by someone you know or your physician

The Best Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss Treatment For Adults In Suffolk and Norfolk County, MA 

Highest rated Audiologist in Quincy, MA and on Boston’s South Shore as reviewed by Google+, Facebook, and Yelp.

Better hearing starts here!

If you are looking for the best hearing loss treatment for yourself, or your loved one, you are in the right place.

Quincy Hearing is the only audiologist-owned private practice and hearing aid center on Boston’s South Shore that utilizes Lyric technology. Lyric is the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid. As the smallest hearing device on the market today, Lyric’s miniature design allows it to be comfortably placed deeper in the ear canal. The deeper placement makes the Lyric completely unseen and invisible.

If you are concerned about whether you or your loved one has hearing loss, you will find a lot of useful information on this website. While these pages can be quite helpful in addressing most of your questions, the best way to manage all of your concerns is to book a Clear Path™ No-Obligation Consultation.

There are many treatment options to achieve better hearing. You owe it to yourself to meet with Dr. Powis and discover her expert recommendations. Quincy Hearing — Quincy and the Boston South Shore’s leading practice for improving and transforming lives through better hearing for over 25 years.

Click here for more details or call us at (617) 934-8155 to book your free Clear Path™ No-Obligation Consultation today!

Complimentary Clear Path™ Hearing Consultation

Learn more about all your options for hearing loss treatment and hearing aids from one of Metro Boston’s top audiologists and hearing aid specialists, Dr. Powis.

Why Dr. Powis and The Clear Path™ Program is right for you.

You will be fit with cutting-edge technology which allows us to ensure your success when paired with one our Clear Path™ Continuing Care Plans.

The Clear Path™ Guarantee and What it Means

Dr. Powis stands behind her hearing loss treatment and only works with top manufacturers.  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with no risk to you.



We understand that life changes can be difficult. We take the time you need to get all your questions answered. Our #1 goal is to ensure you feel supported in your goal of achieving better hearing.


Quincy Hearing is an Audiologist owned and operated practice where our Doctor of Audiology has received doctoral-level training. We are board-certified with the American Academy of Audiology and are always working to ensure we are on the cutting edge of knowledge and professional training that will help you get the hearing success you are seeking. We have spent years learning how to take care of you and your hearing needs in the best way possible.

I am thrilled to be dealing with Dr. Powis; she’s a real pro and puts me at ease. I could not be happier!

Paul C

Lyric Patient, Braintree, MA

I have found the best Audiologist.  Dr. Powis spends as much time as necessary to make sure that I am hearing my best.

Jeanne A

Lyric Patient, Plymouth, MA


We know what it looks like there when starting to investigate options and quite honestly, it can be frightening and confusing! Our mission is to offer patients an easy and transparent process through the world of hearing healthcare and device technology. We will put your needs first, be your guide you towards a personalized solution that works for you. If you are committed and serious about experiencing the benefits of better hearing, you have come to the right place.


Whether you are new to exploring hearing healthcare or have been a long-time device wearer, we have designed service packages that ensure you get the care you deserve and that is needed at every stage of your journey. While fitting of the proper device is important, what we have found through years of private practice clinical experience is that the continuing care you receive AFTER the fitting is what makes the difference between average success and AMAZING results! Our patients tell us every day how much their time with us at our practice has changed the direction of their lives for the better, and its the continued guidance, ongoing fine-tuning as your listening environments change, and offering support and encouragement that can make all the difference.

Janice took the time to understand what my true needs are and she went beyond fitting and tuning the devices.

I now feel connected. Wow.

John P

Randolph, MA

Dr. Janice Powis has a very warm personality that immediately put me at ease. She truly cared about my particular hearing loss.


South Shore Boston